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Discrimination happens when you're treated unfavorably because of a protected characteristic. This includes termination, forced resignation, job denial, unfair pay, and more. If any of these apply to you, you may have a discrimination claim.


Harassment & Sexual Harassment

Harassment may be constituted if any abusive behavior, such as hostile or crude language, unwanted sexual propositions or contact, quid pro quo sexual or romantic advances, is based on a protected characteristic or identity.



Retaliation for "protected activity" is illegal and includes actions like reporting illegal activity or requesting medical leave. It can result in termination, demotion, or other negative employment actions.


Wage & Hour Dispute

Wage and hour disputes range from unpaid overtime to rest/meal breaks and other proper pay-related issues.


Disability Rights

As an employee with a disability or qualifying medical condition, including mental health conditions, you are entitled to reasonable accommodations. This may include adjusted work schedules, medical leave, work limitations, and other accommodations necessary to perform your job duties.


Employment & Severance Contract Review

We can represent you in negotiations or provide advice regarding employment contracts, negotiating severance packages, or other contracts, on an hourly basis.


Wrongful Termination

Have you been unfairly fired from your job because of race, religion, gender, or for engaging in a protected activity?


Protected leave

Employees in California are guaranteed leave for certain events. If you have been denied time off for medical or family reasons, you may have a case.


Not sure?

We handle a variety of other workplace-related legal issues. 

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